Psychotherapie & Coaching Cornelia Singer

„Cornelia Singer is an outstanding trainer and practitioner of Advanced Energy Psychology.

She has been deeply involved in this important work for many years, and I highly recommend her as an AEP expert and genuinely caring person.“


Fred P. Gallo, PhD, Advanced Energy Psychology Founder


Developed by Fred P. Gallo, Ph.D., EDxTM™ is among the most advanced causal diagnostic and treatment system available, incorporating principles of applied kinesiology, bioenergy, consciousness, and cognition to efficiently treat a wide array of problems. EDxTM™ involves muscle testing, enhanced intuition, and techniques to assist practitioners in tailoring interventions to rapidly alleviate psychoenergetic problems, including anxiety, trauma, depression, personality disturbances, physical pain conditions, peak performance blocks, etc. 

Embedded in the empirically supported assumption that bioenergy systems operate at the very essence of physical and psychological health, EDxTM™ offers means of assessing bioenergy information, thus aiding the practitioner in applying precise interventions to efficiently alleviate the affective and cognitive components of the targeted condition. EDxTM™ also elevates the client’s level of thought recognition so as to promote on-going well being. 

EDxTM™ is a power tool that can be used alone or in concert with many other therapeutic approaches. EDxTM™ significantly enhances the practitioner's effectiveness and efficacy in providing therapy, consultation, peak performance enhancement, and education. 

Although EDxTM™ has been found to be clinically effective, there are no guarantees offered about its effectiveness for the individual practitioner. The effective application of EDxTM™ is entirely the responsibility of the practitioner, and it is therefore incumbent upon the practitioner to apply the methodology in areas for which appropriate training has been obtained. EDxTM™ is significantly affected by qualities of the practitioner. 


The training of EDxTM™ contains 4 levels

Level I

Content is first the history of EDxTM™ and the relation to the meridians, kinesiology and Thought Field Therapy.

You learn the basic of muscle testing, the most important acupuncture points for energy psychology, psychological reversals, energy diagnostic and the single-point-protocol of treatment. 

Level II 

This contains the multiple-points-protocol, the outcome-projection, positive belief score, therapy localisation on the meridian and the advanced single-point-protocol. 

Level III 

This contains the advanced-multiple-points-protocol, working with elators, peak performance protocol, core beliefs, temporal tapping, energetic toxins and BEAM (Basal Energy Analysis and Management). 

Level IV 

This contains the orientation to origins, introjects, thought recognition, soul principle, surrounding the enemy, homing thoughts.

At the end there will be an examination to get EDxTM™-Pracitioner. 



Normally, the education takes 2x 4 days. 



Participants are psychotherapists, coaches, medical doctors and psychologists, who are interested to broaden their way of working. 


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