Psychotherapie & Coaching Cornelia Singer

I am Cornelia Singer living in the south of Germany.

After my studies in human medicine I worked a couple of years in hospitals (interne, neurological, rheumatic, psychotherapeutic/psychosomatic medicine). Since 1999 I have a private practice for psychotherapy and psychosomatic.

Original I am a psychodynamic psychotherapist, but I have passed other trainings as well: Hypnotherapy (M. Erickson), EMDR, family and systemic psychotherapy, Ego-State-Therapy and Energy Psychology, mindfulness based Psychotherapy.

Since I had the chance to learn Energy Psychology (EDxTM) , this method is now the basis of my work and I am an authorised Level IV teacher of EDxTM.

My priorities in work are treating people with posttraumatic stress disorder - during the last years I also offer teachings, supervision and coaching.

For me EDxTM is a fantastic way to be helpful for the clients to encourage their self- competence and at the same time for the self-hygiene of the therapist.